Dropped calls (incoming or outgoing) in my house: never happened before in 3 years

Hi all: 

In the last two weeks or so, my Samsung Galaxy S4 (I know, I know: I'm never on the "leading edge") has started dropping voice calls after about a minute or so.  This happens whether I'm dialing out or answering, speaker phone or not.

Sometimes, I can hear the person on the other end just fine, but my end gets broken up and eventually the call is "lost."

This is the exact same phone I've been using with a Verizon plan for the last 3+ years; this has never happened before.  Supposedly, signal strength is good (4 bars).

Any ideas why this would've just started happening -- and even more importantly, how to make this annoying behavior go away?  Not being able to call anyone (kind of the basic functionality of a phone, right?) is very frustrating and annoying!

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Re: Dropped calls (incoming or outgoing) in my house: never happened before in 3 years
Customer Service Rep

One of the hardest issues to troubleshoot is the kind that comes up for unexplained reasons, tiomiguel. You’re absolutely right, too. Calls are the basic reason we even have mobile phones. You’re with the best team to help sort things out. How is the phone working otherwise, with texts and internet? How far away from your home do you need to be before the phone works as it has in the past? Have you recently added any new apps, done any app updates, or software updates to the phone?