Dropped calls / poor reception

In the last few months we have been encountering more and more dropped calls and poor reception - call reception goes in and out during the call.  

We had great service up until a few months ago.  Now it is deteriorating quickly.  I have to keep a land line just to receive/make calls.  In this household we spend more than $500 per month and we have been a loyal customer for over 15 years.  

I was on chat earlier going through all the AI prompts to be put on hold for a live chat agent to then be disconnected.  

I have asked our neighbors and they have also seen deterioration in the service.  Driving a two block radius calls are lost.  That never used to happen.

What's going on Verizon?  Is T-Mobile/Sprint now the service provider that we need to move to?

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Customer Service Rep

Spuglisi, we value your long time customer loyalty, and we don't want to see you walk away! I know how important it is to get a great signal, and I'd like to help. What is your city, state, and closest intersection, so we can check your coverage? Are you having trouble with calls only, or with data and texts as well?