Dropping calls

I have switched from At&T to Verizon about one year ago. I was loyal customer with ATT for 10 years. I was promised better network coverage with Verizon. I live in Tallahassse, capital of Florida. Initially I would lose signal at a couple of locations in town while driving and my calls would get dropped occasionally. Lately it has been happening more frequently and on busy roads where I used to have good signal before. My internet connection also gets lost more frequently when I am on using an app like Whatsapp and facebook messenger. At home I have better signal strength but also have wifi so hard to tell.

Can this be fixed? I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

I am seriously thinking of going back to ATT.

Re: Dropping calls
Customer Service Rep

It is never good to hear you are thinking of leaving us, jainamit0. Let's work together to get to the bottom of your service concerns. What zip code is this happening in? Have you noticed a change in signal since these issues started? Do the drops happen in specific locations? Is the phone's software up to date?  

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