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Over the past week it's randomly rebooted 4 times. So that's an issue.

When you turn the phone sideways for the keyboard it start's to lag horribly.

I had my first dropped call last night, except it wasn't "dropped" the phone just went silent and I had no signal.

Sometimes the GPS is pretty good, other times it show's me a couple miles away from my current location. 

The native mail client sucks.  I miss the gingerbread Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket one called Social hub.

Battery life blows. I'm lucky if I can get 4 hours out of this thing.  Even when I have it on the charger at 50% and say I play netflix, the battery actually goes DOWN. So.

It's actually kinda laggy, not as smooth as the Skyrocket.

You can't change the soft buttons, I MISS THE SEARCH (MAGNIFYING GLASS) BUTTON.  This probably pisses me off the most.

When I send MMS messages to people it just sit's at "SENDING" and never sends, then when I send them another picture say the next day, they get bombed with the picture or pictures I sent them the previous day.

I also get failed SMS messages, I have to try and re-send a couple times.

Also, apparently there's no way to get rid of the default google search bar.  That's bogus I want another 4x1 or 5x1 space free on my home screen.

So there's no way to actually close apps?  The soft key for recent applications used is kinda retarded.  I think I've used it maybe once in the month I've had it.  Needs to be a search bar instead.

And I think my last complaint about this phone, is that the speaker/volume on the phone sucks.  it's gotta be perfectly quiet some place in order for me to hear netflix or youtube, or I have to always have headphones with me.  The Galaxy S II Skyrocket was loud as hell and I could hear it fine over crowds.

The camera sucks cause if there was any source of light behind the object I am trying to photo, there's bleed in from that light source so the picture end's up sucking.  Also I don't think it has any stablization feature??  All the pictures I take come out blurry. And 5 mega pixel?  Really?  This is your flag ship phone?

THE ONLY THING, that I've found good about this phone thus far is the download speeds.  If I'm in a good area or outside, I get 22+mbps down, 9+ mbps upload. 

So yeah, all in all.  I miss my iPhone, AND I miss my Skyrocket.  I feel sorry for those who paid 300 for this .  Great now I'm angry again.

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