Edit/delete contacts restored from a previous phone

My galaxy s7 won't let me modify a contact that was restored from my previous Samsung phone. I can seem to edit out information like other phone numbers for a contact and save them but when I select the contact the numbers are still there. Then, when I go into edit mode, they're not there. I tried a power on reset and that was no help. One other piece of info - in the setting area for Group choices it has "Restored from Samsung -" and the name of my old phone. this radio button is NOT selected and it still says it's part of that group when NOT in edit mode.

Any help appreciated as I don't want to have to re-create all my contacts.


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Re: Edit/delete contacts restored from a previous phone
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Gennaro1, we want to thank you for sharing this helpful information and we appreciate all of the steps you have taken thus far. Making sure you are able to edit a contact from your contact list is important. Let's review the details. What steps did you take to restore these contacts? Which backup assistance are you using? Also, can you please let us know if your device has the latest Software Update?