Email will not forward

I just switched from ATT to Verizon because I wanted better coverage. I was an iPhone user and really miss my iPhone, but I am adjusting to the Samsung Fascinate. I received some email with attachments and went to forward them to another email so that I could download the attachments to my computer and print them out. Well, I tried four times and all four attempts simply stayed in the outbox. Does Verison or Droid not allow you to forward your email? I finally mounted the phone to my computer, and moved the attachments over manually. But you shouldn't have to do this. 


I have until November 16 for my 30 day free trial to end. Please tell me Verison and/or Droid allows you to forward your mail. Does anyone have the same problem or have found the solution or is this a headache and inconvenience that Verison and/or Droid enjoy putting their customers through? 



Trying to Forward