Emails and text not sending

I have an SGalaxy 9+.  For about a month or so, I have not been able to send texts (MMS with photos) on Textra.  At the same time, about 60% of my emails go to a new place called OUTBOX and I can't send them from there most of the time.  So they just die in Outbox. I am using Samsung Mail with 2 gmail accounts and 2  My phone has been set up like this for 2 years (early adopter) now and it just started happening.

I have just spent too much time with Verizon's digital assistant running through their steps.  Found out a lot about my 9+ but didn't solve the issue.

Anyone having same/similar issues?  Resolutions? Thank you!

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Re: Emails and text not sending
Customer Service Rep

Kann50, we want to ensure that your email is working properly, and we're here to help. What troubleshooting steps had you already attempted? MatthewI_VZW