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I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, set up to get all alerts, and of course, the Presidential alerts. However, I am NOT getting any alerts, including the test Presidential alert from a couple of days ago. I used to get them when I lived in Tennessee and when I lived in Florida before that. I have since relocated back to Florida and do not get any of the alerts. Not sure what else to do....

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Christianadiehl, I know it's vital that you receive all the necessary emergency alerts whenever possible. I'll be glad to clear up the details and help so you receive all the needed alerts in the future. Please reference the link below to double check your alerts are enabled. http://spr.ly/6586D4spO


You may also reference our link attached for our Wireless Emergency Alerts FAQ's page that may also explain why you didn't receive the Presidential Alert. If you didn’t receive the alert, you can let FEMA know by emailing FEMA-National-Test@fema.dhs.gov. Please include your cell phone provider, model, and whether you were indoors or outdoors, stationary or moving, and in a rural or urban setting. I hope this information helps going forward. http://spr.ly/6588D4spu



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