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So here's a stupid question, but I have searched the device manual and the forums without finding an answer. 


Where do I get little emoticon animations for my text messages? You know instead of me typing this :smileyhappy: I want something like this :smileyvery-happy: 

Re: Emoticons

  When you are in a text message thread, hit the MENU button and choose INSERT SMILEY . Are those the ones you are talking about, or something else as an add on? Possibly an app?

Re: Emoticons

You can either go through the menu option listed above or type them out manually.  Manually typing them might be faster.


Smiley Happy = Smiling :smileyhappy:

Smiley Sad = Sad :smileysad:

= Wink :smileywink:

😛 = Sticking Out Tongue :smileytongue:

=-O = Surprised :smileysurprised:

😘 = Kiss

:smileysurprised: = Yelling

= Cool

:-$ = Money Mouth

:-! = Foot in Mouth

:-[ = Embarrassed

O:-) = Angel

😕 = Undecided (Meh)

:'( = Crying

:-X = Lips are Sealed

😄 = Laughing :smileyvery-happy:

o_O = Confused


Surprisingly, they don't have some other ones, like angry (which is somewhat different from yelling), 😠  :smileymad: but maybe it's more about not being able to make two pictures that look different when the emotions are fairly similar?


Anyway, if you're not getting those animated emoticons, it's probably because you're forgetting the - for the nose.  Only 3 don't have the nose--yelling, crying, and confused.

Re: Emoticons

: O

without the space is yelling (since it replaced it).

Re: Emoticons



Thank you Community Members for providing some very useful information. It is very much appreciated.


tckasitad, please review the information outlined below:



1. From the Home screen, touch Messaging ➔ New
2. Tap the To field and enter the recipient’s name, phone
number or email address.


1. From the Home screen, touch Messaging ➔ Newmessage.

2. Tap the To field and enter the recipient’s name, phonenumber or email address.


3. Touch the Type to compose field, or touch Next, and compose your message. While composing a message, touch Menu for these options:


• Add subject: Add a subject field to the message and enter a

subject. (This option also converts the message to MMS.)




• Attach: Add content to the message to convert it to MMS.

– Pictures: Add a picture.

– Capture picture: Take a new picture.

– Videos: Add a video.

– Capture video: Record a new video.

– Audio: Add a sound clip.

– Record audio: Create a new audio clip.

– Slideshow: Add a slideshow of pictures to this message.

• Add text: Select text from Contacts, Calendar, or Memo to add to

the message.

Insert smiley: Add a text emoticon to the message.

• Cancel: Discard the message.

4. Touch Send to send the message.



Keep in mind, only the emoticons stored on the device are the only ones available to use.


For a simulator to your device, please go to the link below:


Samsung Fascinate Simulator



Thank you.