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Enhancement Request: Re-enable 4G if I have a Wi-Fi signal

Now, you may say that this is totally counter-intuitive, as if you have a Wi-Fi signal, what do you need 4G for?  But (and please correct me if I'm wrong) 4G is not just for data, but also for voice.

*If* that is true, if you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, hopefully not all of the battery life will be sucked out of your phone through data-centric actions that your phone does, as it should be delegated to Wi-Fi.  At least that has been my experience.

Then you could turn on 4G because that would increase the chances (I think) of my phone calls actually staying connected while I talk in my apartment building in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

If this makes absolutely no sense, just tell me so.  Otherwise, let me know if you think it would make sense as an enhancement request for the Galaxy Nexus for some future update.


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Re: Enhancement Request: Re-enable 4G if I have a Wi-Fi signal

At the moment the 4G LTE network is only for data.  When "Voice over LTE is deployed then it will be used for voice calls.  Until then, the good old CDMA network is routing your voice calls.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Enhancement Request: Re-enable 4G if I have a Wi-Fi signal
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The theory behind WiFi and Verizon network, is that if you have WiFi turned on, all data will be routed through it, instead of Verizon's Network. It has to work that way to give people a chance to not use their data allowance while in a WiFi area. WiFi is also a more stable network for data, since you mostly have a better signal inside a structure than the 3g/4g network outside the structure.

I use WiFi at home most of the time, even though I have an unlimited data plan (yes, my data plan is grandfathered). While I have a decent signal outside my home, the interference inside my home, causes my data signal to degrade almost to a point of no signal in parts of my house. My Droid X also was affected by this, so I use WiFi for data inside my house.

Since the voice portion of the phone uses the CDMA network, I have no problems with getting phone calls with WiFi enabled.

Re: Enhancement Request: Re-enable 4G if I have a Wi-Fi signal

all 4G LTE devices us LTE for data only every model is different in the way it looks at its data connection if it is connected to a wifi network then some phone turn off 4G to save battery and running on wifi saves battery, while connected to the wifi you can send and receive calls and text messages with no issues all the while being on the internet same as 4G LTE as it is only an data connection.