Escalate my problem to receive an legitimate resolution.

Back in October or November I was going over my account and i noticed my Total Mobile Protection was not on one of our 3 lines. So i call and to my surprise was told I declined it, in which my response was why would I decline insurance on my brand new Galaxy S10+ after over 2 years having and using it on all our previous devices ? So I ask them to show where I had done such a thing... well they found I had NOT declined it at some point a mistake on there part had removed it and to rest assured they would have it fixed it no time, being that open enrollment was not till March 19, 2020 i asked how they would be able too do that. They said I did not decline so it did not apply to me. So they submitted the papers and next month still nothing, I call again same response, so today still no insurance I call and after being told there waiting on an update I bluntly say " I am feeling like im being put off until open enrollment, is that the case"? Yes he  says, but im putting a note that if something happens before then we will pay to fix it.  Really??? WELL I have to pay outta pocket at an outside source( which would then void any future claims) and then i would be reimbursed, I ask  reimbursed or you will credit my account? Of course credit my account, so im so mad that time after time I am having to be the one paying over and over for a mistake on there part!! I am not happy with there idea of a resolution and I feel like there is something more that can be done if only I were able to speak to someone that has more authority 

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Re: Escalate my problem to receive an legitimate resolution.
Customer Service Rep

We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to resolve this issue.  A private message has been sent to assist you further.