Escalation department
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I understand I am One in a million  customers. I am in desperate need to speak to someone that is higher up than customer service agent managers are. I have no complaint regarding the customer service I do get and I have been speaking with them for almost 4 mos now daily. The time I have spent on a call with verizon totals up to linger than my granddaughter has been alive. My issue has been all noted in my account and I also record all of my conversations. I just need to speak to a higher up manager to see what can be done. It's not about billing although some is. I dont wanna go into it here, but can someone please give me a number I can call???

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Re: Escalation department
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I'm so sorry for the experiences you've had with us, Ninamarie56. I would be just as frustrated over not getting the resolution you need, for 4-months. The way to escalate would be on a call, and asking to escalate to a supervisor. There isn't a number directly, to escalate, other than the customer service number at 800-922-0204.


Have you escalated via that channel? Otherwise, please send us a Direct Message to better assist you. 



Re: Escalation department
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How were you able to resolve the same ? Even I am facing an issue for which I need to speak with someone in escalation department