Esim support on Samsung devices that support it!

those who really want this feature to be activated on the note 20, as well as future Samsung devices with the Sim capability need to let Verizon know we aren’t going away.   

Keep it going!

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Esim support on Samsung devices with the capability! 

Samsung makes some of the best flagship phones around. They cost a small fortune. And yet Verizon and AT&T both have all these devices by not allowing eSIM function.   It needs to stop.  
while we are at it, let’s continue the discussion about Samsung‘s call and text on other devices. This feature has also been disabled on Samsung and AT&T branded Samsung phones.  Please let the devices just work as designed and you will have happy customers willing to fork over their hard earned dollars and keep you as a service provider. Otherwise we can all go over to T-Mobile whose network has expanded beautifully, who not only allows all these functions to work but supports the function of other devices as designed as well.  
i’m all for supporting an American company until that company does not support its customers.  
soap box dismount.  

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