Ever since update last week for my Note 10+ the Message+ app has issues and so does the always on disply
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Note 10+ .

I installed the update last week (and then another one late last night). I used Message+ for texting and before whenever I got a text the phone would wake and go to the lock screen and show a preview of the text. Now it just stays on the Always On Display (A.O.D.) screen and only shows the little text icon on the A.O.D.  


Also, edge lighting no longer works on the A.O.D. for some apps. Specifically the Message+ app. It worked before this update and now it wont show up when the phone is off/on the A.O.D. screen.  It definitely worked before the update.............


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps. No fix. I even did a full factory default reset and that did nothing either.......

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We're sorry to hear about the issues your having. Are you able to use your original texting app? JoelD_VZW