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Free Verizon Msg: IT WAS MY PLEASURE ASSISTING YOU TODAY-SONYA #verizonwireless #verizonup #verizon #verizoncustomerservice #verizonrocks

Seriously y'all😊 the best almost hour I've ever spent with any customer service agent for anything ever like in the HISTORY OF EVERS❣
Sonya "Tt" was absolutly amazing to work with for my current cell situation. She was knowledgeable about my needs. So very patient with me as I had to text someone else whose working for the swipe code to open the phone lol She walked me through the phone to get numbers she needed *coz of course I threw the box away after I retrieved the Sim card that I threw out the week before LoL* as it is not the same as my own phone. She refused to hang up on me for me to have to call back to deal with this after I had my ducks ina row❣ She really was the best I've EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO DEAL WITH IN LIFE❣ LIKE EVER IN ALL OF MY ADULTING LIFE 😊

So to the lovely Soul Sonya "Tt" I send the best of my good vibes for the answer you so greatly deserve at your appt tomorrow 🥰 I'm also sending health and healing energy to your Mom as she strives to get better😘 and to you my sweetest of Souls I'm giving helpful strength and strong shoulders to help hold up your load of life that you are currently slaying the dirt out of😍 and to that dim lil light that you and yours are desperately trying to cultivate... I am lending them my own heart, lungs and spark of my own life for them to emerge from that energy and grow within your womb to be a beautiful glowing Princess of light, So MOTE IT BE❣ To yours I send Hope and a peaceful life for all❣ Always with peace, love and light🌀 BLESSED BE❣

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It warms our heart to learn that you are happy with your service experience. We sincerely appreciate your good wishes for each of us, and especially for our team member, Sonya. Our goal is to always provide you with a stellar service. Thank you so much for your time, feedback, and loyalty. Happy Holidays!