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Exchange ActiveSync Calendar text cuts off after 8 lines

This is on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus running ICS.

Here is a screenshot of what my calendar appointment looks like in Outlook 2010:

(see atttachment below)

Here is what the synced calendar appt looks like in the calendar:

(see atttachment below)

The problem is a lot of guys invite me to stuff where the dial in or web link is way down below line 8, or the address to the meeting is way down below line 8. How do I get to the rest of the text in the invite?

Nothing on the Calendar screen seems to be able to open it up, it just stops at liine 8 and that seems to be all I can get.

Is there any way to fix this on my phone so I can see the whole text of the calendar invite instead of just the first 8 lines? It's really bad to be out on the road, thinking you're going to join a call, and then you find out the call info is cut off in the appointment so you can't connect.


Re: Exchange ActiveSync Calendar text cuts off after 8 lines
Customer Support

I understand the information currently not included in the calendar invite is very important.  Did this just begin or has the device responded this way since you began syncing?  Are you using the native calendar application on the device or a 3rd party calendar application?  If you are using a 3rd party application please try to remove and redownload & compare to native application.  Please advise me of the above information so I may further assist if needed.  Thank you. 


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