Excrutiatingly slow movile data regardless of 5G or 4G LTE
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Is anyone else experiencing ridiculously slow data speed of less than 1Mbps down over the last week or so? I'm in Tucson, AZ if it matters.

I usually use my home Wi-Fi for everything but the last 3 days it's been dropping out for hours at a time each day. So naturally I switch to mobile data during those times. Problem is when this happens I NEVER get more than 1Mbps. I can barely even load a f*cking web page.

So I restart my phone. Nothing changes. I download an app to allow me to lock out 5G and only use 4G LTE (you need an app because Samsung likes to hide this setting). Nothing changes. I'm thinking ok maybe the signal is so ridiculously weak it just can't penetrate a single wall in my condo so I go outside to try it. Nothing changes.

Today was the 3rd time it's happened and was the last straw. I went to the Verizon store and asked about it. The guy reset my network settings and recommended I just call *611 and make a tech support ticket.

So I'm literally standing outside the store on the phone trying to speak to somebody and my call keeps getting dropped immediately. Multiple times. I then notice that I get an "x" in the signal meter notification menu, and now I'm COMPLETELY UNABLE TO MAKE CALLS AT ALL. I try *611 and I literally get a notification message saying the phone is off the network and I can only make emergency calls.

So I go back inside and tell a different guy and he can't figure it out. Then he tells me he's been having issues with calls dropping for like the last 4 months. They even replace my SIM card and guess what? It does jack sh*t. Still getting bad call quality and breaking up and calls dropping.

So I'm thinking ok f*ck it maybe it's just the network is severely overloaded since the local ISP is down and maybe everyone is just using too much bandwidth. But I get back home 2 hours later and the Wi-Fi is back up and I'm STILL having trouble getting above 2Mbps down speeds with both 4G LTE and 5G.

I'm getting really, really f*cking tired of Verizon's sh*tty service that I pay top dollar for.

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Re: Excrutiatingly slow movile data regardless of 5G or 4G LTE
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Hi, jldude! Thank you so much for contacting Verizon, I'm sorry you are having a hard time with our service.

As my goal is to make you feel comfortable, you can trust that I am going to do my best to provide you with the help you deserve, and I will be more than happy to assist you today.


Your loyalty means the world to us, please send me a DM and allow me the opportunity to give you the best customer service experience.


Re: Excrutiatingly slow movile data regardless of 5G or 4G LTE

yeah the past 3 weeks here in rural VA, we had our "real internet" LTE band just straight up vanish and now our signal likes to hop between 4-5 bars and 1 bar just totally randomly, the 1 bar being when it switches to a really really slow LTE band and the 4-5 bars could be any of 3 different "OK" bands, only one of which gives acceptable download speeds.

You're gonna want to download LTE discovery to track which band you're on at any given time and which one gives you the best speed, and you're gonna want to get the Samsung Band Selection menu working again to lock on to that band. Not gonna list the means here for obvious reasons but look it up and you should be able to do it if you have like an S9 or newer Samsung phone.

I've put in multiple tickets but like I said, been 3 weeks and still no band 66 so I have no idea what's going on here but it seems somewhat similar to your situation. I don't want to have to jump through all these hoops to just get halfway decent internet but that's what the signal situation here requires at the moment.