Extremely slow network speed after switching plans

Hello, I recently switched plans based on Verizon's recommendation on the best plan for me. I now have the highest level unlimited plan and since I switched my 4g lte speeds have been incredibly slow. I ran a speed test today and I'm getting a whopping 0.18 mbps download speed. It literally took me 15 minutes to log in and get to where I could post this thread. I had no speed issues before I "Upgraded" my plan, now I'm paying more for service that is more or less non-existent. Any suggestions you could give me on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. I have read some other threads about similar issues. I am in area code 98329 and my Roaming setting is set to off. I am using a Samsung galaxy note 9

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Re: Extremely slow network speed after switching plans
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Verizon is congested and will continue to be congested until C band is deployed.

Re: Extremely slow network speed after switching plans
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@Johrichal ,

Thank you for sharing so many details. When it comes to data plans, they all use the same towers and the same network, so a plan change will not affect data speeds by itself. When you say that you have the "highest level unlimited plan" are you referring to Get More Unlimited, or something else? What was the name of the data plan you had previously? The zip code you had shared has many towers in the area, so coverage should not be an issue, but there's still a lot more to find out on this.