Fascinate: A complete Disappointment

I have had the Fascinate since feb 2011.  I have had many issues with it.  I had it replaced back in nov/dec with a certified pre-owned.  but the problems are still ongoing. 

text messages will not send, can't make phone calls, home and back keys keep "sticking", power button keeps taking screen shots

I have tried updates and factory resets but nothing seems to work. 

Anyone have any insight?

I cannot upgrade til October, I am not going to deal with these issues til then.  I am tired of my phone not working.

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Re: Fascinate: A complete Disappointment

my suggestion to would be a complete contridiction to vzw advice. the fascinate being out of warenty (and even if its not) can be greatly enhanced by rooting and installing a custome rom. go to the forums at www.rootzwiki.com and find the fascinate. READ READ READ and flash a new rom. i would reccomned AOKP. it will change your phone. it will be like getting a new phone. you will be amazed at the speed and performance increases.