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Fascinate Bugs

I've had my phone for about 3 weeks now.  Here is my current bug list.   Verizion - I do not see any place to report bugs so I'm doing it here.


First let me say this to Verizon -  If you read these forums remember when you launched the smart phone line you are no longer a "phone company" you are a software/hardware company no different than Dell.  You are no longer selling a "phone".  You are selling a PC with voice capabilities.


Bug 1:

At least once a day I get a pop up that says has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again.
and a "Force Close" button.

This usually happens within a few seconds after I hang up a call.

Bug 2:

Problem:  Home key does not always work.

This is a rather frequent problem.  If you place a call, end the call and then tap the "home" key nothing happens.  I have to use the "back" key to work my back back to the home page.  This is normally associated with doing
phone->contacts->[tap contact]->call and stay on the call longer than the screen time-out.


Bug 3:

Problem: phone goes blank on busy signal

I have had this happen twice now.  If you call a number and get a busy signal sometimes the screen will blank and you cannot do anything but power off the phone.  No keys are active.  This seems to be some type of bug in call progress monitoring.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the phone part of the fascinate about a 3.


Bug 4:

Problem: Screen blanks in 15 seconds when on blue tooth call

If you are using a blue tooth headset and place a call the screen go blank in 15 seconds and the only way to get the screen back is to press the power button.  The normal screen settings are ignored.  This is very irritating when you are on a call and want to mute/unmute your call or end the call.  When I am on the headset I usually have the phone sitting on on my desk so I have to pick it up, press the power button then mute, and then do the same to unmute.  It's just silly way to design a user interface.

Bug 5:

Problem: End call button too sensitive.

The end call button should require a long push or something similar.  As it is, *any* inadvertent touch on end call will terminate the call.  If you are on hold for 15 minutes or such and then need the key pad and happen to accidentally touch the end call button, well plan to spend  more time on hold when you call back.  The user interface on the phone portion of the fascinate needs a lot of fine tuning.
With real buttons this type of problem is much less likely.


Bug 6:

Problem: Screen lock should be a option

I'm not talking about screen timeout, I'm talking about the lock function.  If someone has physical access to your phone and really wants the contents, this simple locking will provide no security.  If you need real security on your phone then encrypt the contents.  The "swipe the screen" to unlock is no different than putting a key by your house door with a note telling folks how to use the key to open the door.  PLEASE just give us the option to disable the lock function, it's nothing but a PITA and I suspect is causing many other problems I see with these phone.  Judging from a simple google search I'm not the only one with this request.