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Fascinate Compare to Iphone to Storm

I own a each of these phones.  Most recently the Fascinate.  VERY DISAPPOINTED.   It started with program lock ups on a the Droid, followed by poor sound quality comparisons, followed by failure to sync email, followed by duplication of my contacts and calendar from the Droid.


The discussion I have to make is do I want to replace my Storm with the Fascinate permanently.  The answer, NO.  The email and sound on the Storm is far superior, not to mention the signal and call quality, specifically the speaker phone.   I often hear my own voice on the Fascinate and the external speaker is very Tinny or metal sounding and yields hard to understand voice and very poor music replay.  Although the sound is load is to over modulated for the type of speaker on the Fascinate.  Unlike the Storm and the Iphone which deliver rich loud sound that is easy to hear and understand.


I purchased this from Cellular Sales, big mistake.  When I took the phone back, they belittled me about my choice and left me feeling as if there is nothing that will satisfy my demands.  I simply tried to demonstrate the differences in the phone but nobody wanted to listen.


In summary, if your run a business, stay with the Storm or Blackberry products, they are masters of email and the phones talk very well.


If you want a toy, get an Iphone.  So many more apps, less expensive apps and it simply works.  I have no problems with the iphone, EVER, NO PROBLEMS, IT JUST WORKS.  Of course the phone service is a joke.  ATT only competes because of the iphone.  Nothing compares to the iphone, not even the blackberry.  Not everyone will agree, but it is fact, they just work.  Droid is a nice try, but they have a lot of catching up to do regardless of the phone you choose.


Also don't fall for the buy one get any phone free.  Read the fine print,  Verizon has got a really sleazy advertisement scheme.


Also be very weary of the WiFi hotspot sharing.  Only 2gb per month for $20.  I already pay a premium and have a MiFi card and never go over my allotment, but I don't feel that I should have to pay the extra 20 on top of my plan I have.  Ripoff.


I will stay with Verizon because of service, they are everywhere.


I am looking for suggestions for replacing the fascinate, maybe the Droid X.