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Fascinate Issues

Recently my phone has went crazy.  Will start exiting programs on its own.  When using web browser it will start going back to previous pages on its own.  The phone will vibrate like the back button has been pressed but never was.  It now has decided to start to overheat while on charge and I am still using the phone.  These issues have only came up since Verizon pushed the last update to it.  Is anyone else having these issues and what has Verizon done to fix them?

Re: Fascinate Issues

YES!!! mine does that all the time!!! it shows only 1 bar of service EVERYWHERE i go. Half the time the 3G icon is always switching between 1x, 3G-D, and then the 3G bars- even though im staying in the same spot! The apps always close themselves no matter what im doing. AND when i close apps the icons on the home screens DISAPPEAR for a few minutes, it will do that crazy vibrate thing like im pushing the back button. and then they show up. The battery is getting worse, its usually in the red after half of the day. Even connecting the WIFI in my house theres barely any reception. I want this phone to die so i can get an upgrade!