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Fascinate not sending pics to Email Address

I have sent pics a few times to my email address and it worked now last night I sent 4 and never showed up. Today resent the 4 and still nothing and it looked like phone was sending, what is going on with this phone? Couldn't even check new emails that I got overnight on phone and even refreshed it. Had to get on computer to check emails. This phone is really **bleep** me off. Bought a chargepod charger with adapters for bluetooth and wifes phone and guess what the micro usb for mine does not fit right and the phone will not charge unless I stand there and wiggle it. They made plug, therubber around it to big and wont plug in all the way. Trimmed it and it slides in now but phone didn't charge overnight. But why no pics to email address. 

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Re: Fascinate not sending pics to Email Address

Same thing happening to the Fascinates in our company- we have three, they were working fine but this issue started a few days ago. Any email the user attempts to send that contains an image file just sits in the outgoing box. On a side note, this isnt a problem for any users in the same company that have a pre, pixi, droid or blackberry... so it's clearly a samsung phone issue and not a problem with the company.

Re: Fascinate not sending pics to Email Address

I'm having the same problem with sending pics via email.  It would be great if a moderator could address this.

Re: Fascinate not sending pics to Email Address

Same here. Never have been able to send pictures to any address.


Does it work for anyone?

Re: Fascinate not sending pics to Email Address

Works fine for me.  Pictures that I have transferred from my computer are to big (to many MB's) to send tho.  There is a limit on how big pictures can be in email and in messages.  When you select the pictures to attach to email, make sure you press long enough on the picture for the green checkmark to enable.  Hope this helps.

Re: Fascinate not sending pics to Email Address


I have provided some information below that may help.

Step 1 – Soft reset

-Power the device off

-Pull the battery for 20 seconds

-Place the battery back in

-Power the device back on

Step 2 – Update the device

- Update the device

-Dial *228 and press send

-Once prompted by the automated system press 1

-Wait 45 seconds until programming is completed

Step 3 – Try disabling the auto signature

From the home screen, select Applications .

Select Gmail.

Select Menu.

Select Settings.

Select Signature.

Enter or erase the signature then select OK.

Step 4 – Ensure auto receive messages is enabled

From the home screen, select Messaging.

Press the Menu button.

Select Settings.

Select Auto-retrieve. **Enabled when a green check mark is present.

Step 5 – Try using the native messaging application (*If you are currently using a non-native messaging application)

Step 6 – Clear application data

- From a home screen, select Applications.

-Select Settings.

-Select Applications.

-Select Manage applications.

-Select the appropriate application. (e.g. messaging)

-Select Force stop.

-Select Clear data.

-Select OK.