FedEx STOLE Z Fold 4 return

Received a Verizon Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung on 8/30/22 but it was too much phone for me so I requested a return, printed the return label and packing slip, packed up the phone and placed it back in the same box that was shipped to me and went to the local FedEx office store in Oakland, CA on 9/1/22. I handed the clerk the package which definitely contained the phone but when it was received by Samsung in TX on 9/7/22 the box was empty and they sent me a video of someone in their returns dept. opening the box which contained only the packing slip. Putting aside how OUTRAGEOUS it is that you can't even trust a supposedly reputable global shipping company with getting your packages to their destinations intact, I contacted Samsung and the only thing they would do is refer me to FedEx to file a claim. After filing the claim I received a call from a FedEx rep. and she told me the investigation is complete, she apologized for the situation I've been placed in and for the inconvenience, and to file another claim online to receive reimbursement for the cost of the phone. Upon doing so I received the following in an email today: "Unfortunately, upon completing our investigation, we must respectfully decline your claim. Under the terms governing this shipment, FedEx does not accept liability for concealed damage under the Return Options program." Concealed damage?? THEY STOLE MY PHONE!! A $2100 phone I didn't want and returned. Now I'm on the hook with Verizon for the cost of the phone I was financing from them and the impending $775 charge from Samsung for the trade in they won't be receiving. I already filed a report with the Oakland Police Dept but they're about as helpful as a whistle on a snow plow. Can someone please give me advice on how to proceed? I'm stressed. Thanks.

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