Files can't be opened after taking pictures in Pro Mode with Samsung S8

I was playing around with my camera functions on my Samsung S8 and saw an option for Pro Mode.  I've shot several pics in this mode as it allowed me to play with the Brightness/Contrast control.  Initially Gallery would open them, but wouldn't show a preview of the files when I opened Gallery, would only display a blank file preview.  If I selected the blank preview, it initially would display the pic.

After I tried to offload them to my PC, I'm now getting that the file type isn't recognized even though it saved them both on my SD Card and to my PC in jpg format.  I even tried removing the SD Card and mounting it on my PC, but it too says it can't open the file.

Needless to say, I'm at a loss as to what may be going on, would apprecitate anyone's thoughts.

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Re: Files can't be opened after taking pictures in Pro Mode with Samsung S8
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I rely on access to my gallery pictures. Issues with transferring pictures taken in Pro Mode are not what we want for you. We'll be more than happy to troubleshoot. Are you able to transfer or view pictures that haven't been taken in Pro Mode on your PC or SD memory card? Have you attempted to save/transfer the picture using a different method (Verizon Cloud, email, etc.)? Here's a link to additional support (if needed)



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