Flip 4 hinge breaking again
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I have got a Flip4.  I got a BOGO promotion for the phone.  I thought I would be okay since they supposedly upgraded the hinge and screen protector.  I have had both phones for less than a year and it is honestly the biggest regret I have had.  I got them in Sept/Oct of 2022. Both phones have had cases on them.  Both purchased from Verizon.  One was specifically a Samsung brand case.  One phone, I opened one day and saw a black line.  It was never roughly handled.  Apparently something in the hinge broke and took the screen out.  The black line spread until the main screen was unusable.  The other phone fell maybe two feet and the hinge would not open fully.  Yes the case was on.  It also had the main screen stop working.  Now one of them, the screen protector from the factory has started to come off and is now not opening again.  The screen is still working.  I have paid $500 AFTER purchasing to replace them.  Now I'm looking at ANOTHER $250 deductible to replace one for the second time in less than a year.  This is ridiculous.  I either fork it out or figure out how to pay over $800 to pay off a phone that is by far the worst designed product I have ever had.  I am a HUGE Samsung fan but this is honestly ridiculous.  This is the phone I came back to Verizon with and now I'm regretting the phone and not just buying one unlocked for more freedom.  Never again.  Apparently this phone was not BOGO since I am very close to paying for the cost of one in deductibles alone and on one of them I didn't drop, but the internal hardware malfunctioned.  

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