For Data to work WiFi has to be off

Since the last system update, my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 6G has to have WiFi turned off to use data, and vice versa.  It's very annoying to try to load an app, only to find that I have to switch between data and WiFi for it to work.  And then I have to switch back for another app to work.  My daughter's Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G is doing the same thing.  Both phones worked fine before this update.  How do we get this fixed?

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Re: For Data to work WiFi has to be off
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Hello, dianefratto and want to help with any connection issues on your Galaxy S21 after the recent software update. Please ensure your phone is backed up and then recommend a software repair using a computer at the link here:


This will erase the phone and also load a new copy of the software update. Please keep us posted on any changes. 


- Alan