Forced software update disables phone in emergency - then bricks it
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A few days ago I started getting notifications about an OTA software update - and every time it popped up was at a time I was utilizing my phone so I would decline til I have time to make sure it installs properly.

Now before I start, a few Verizon representatives I spoke to stated Verizon has no control over manufacturer updates and when they are released.

I can admit when I am wrong, but unless the policies have changed recently and I didn't know - For Android devices on a 4G Network, the carrier is responsible for the Manufacturers Software Updates - and when/how they are all released (ever noticed updates are released by all carriers at different times for the same manufacturer update).

About Two months ago I took off my Whitestone Glass dome protector that started peeling, a day before the replacement arrived. Of course, even though I have always been very careful with my devices - stuff happens. That one day without the protector of course was the day my dog decided to bump me while trying to stand with my phone in hand and it falls cracking the top screen (The LCD and digitizer are fine - picture still looks great).

now what happened is a few very untypical events, that unfortunately made the perfect storm

Jump ahead two months to last night, my xfinity internet is down like always (different issue), and at the end of a 2 1/2 hour conversation with a good friend from back home in New York, just said he wants to commit suicide and has a gun. So we eventually disconnect and i try to frantically call my friends mom at 4am EST, who is at the same house and can check in on him.

As I try dialing to prevent anything from happening, despite my saying no I do not want this update multiple times- Verizon decided it is going to control my phone, install this update while im in a rush, and lock me out to reboot.

After not having any internet, the service provider i switched to for these exact moments when it is crucial to have reliability ("The best in the nation") - and no other means to communicate with anyone back in NY until this update finally finished and started to reboot I get a lovely error message saying "Failed to start" and stating the solution to repair the device is just using samsungs software upgrade assistant.

Okay first off - COMPUTERS DONT READ DEVICES THAT ARE CONNECTED BUT ARENT POWERED UP. This error message gets you to think everythings okay, and everythings fixable but they just put that there so they didnt have to write "Oops we broke your phone, and we are not sure how to fix it" (They dont know how - and any devices they attempt to fix are sent to Samsung are they are charged $330 or so. So if you have that error message, sorry - there is no solution, it's 100% bs and illogical.

My internet was down for about 4 hours total, and my phone is still

Re: Forced software update disables phone in emergency - then bricks it
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completely broken with no possible solution - and after finally finding a tech who has seen this a couple of times (So yes - they force software that is known to cause bugs in devices we rely on in life threatening situations to be rendered totally useless. And I was told due to the fact that my perfectly functional Note 8 has a cracked top screen - it isnt covered under warranty and cannot be replaced. (Yes the device is less than one year and under warranty as well)

I was lucky, and my friend is fine. But could you imagine... You have the most reliable (and expensive) network out there, but in a similar scenario you werent able to reach out and the event wasn't stopped. And on top of that, all of your memories of that friend that werent backed up are wiped from existence, and you have no working phone at all from that moment forward because it cannot be fixed.

On the bright side - after being a direct cause of a situation like that, forcing unwanted, known to cause bugs software - they will replace your device they broke free of charge, long as you dont have physical defects or heavy wear and tear. Otherwise you have a $1000 paperweight.

This is an extremely long, and hopefully rare post - but I want people to know that these things are possible in true life or death emergencies. I would definitely rank Verizons quality of speed and service to be A+

However what ratings really count?

Reliability in a real life or death emergency: 0/1

Ability to fix a perfectly functional, $1000 phone, that they forcefully wiped and broke after it was declined multiple times : 0/1

Resolution options presented: 0 (well 1 below)

I hope that if any of you, god forbid, deal with something like this where they take your property and destroy it... that they say more than I hope you happen to have insurance and the money for it cause thats the only way you will possess a working phone again.

  1. 1. Verizon please change it so we are not forced to install known to be buggy software, on a lifeline we rely on in emergencies. I was lucky my friend is okay - I doubt everyone will be that are in this situation.

Has anyone been forced

  1. 2. Has anyone been forced to install an update that broke your phone? Was the phone physically damaged at all? What was the resolution?

[removed] In my opinion, if a company destroys your property, or deleted all of your memories - they should try to make it a little right. If Joe Smoe down the road did this - due to the price of the phone it would be a felony.

I can see the future potential headline now if this isn't fixed "Verizon forced update, teen dead, property destroyed -- Customer pays in more ways than one"

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Re: Forced software update disables phone in emergency - then bricks it
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Every time? After the first notification why didn't you update it? Sure you had the time between the first and second notification. I've updated many phones many times never had an issue. Did you let it update completely? Sometime a phone will need to restart more than once. or did you assume after the first restart it was done. Did you make sure the battery was full or at least have the phone charring while updating?

Also you don't mention the device or the update.

Re: Forced software update disables phone in emergency - then bricks it
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Boringusername -

Because to be honest I am not a huge fan of doing all of the little updates in between the major ones. And every time the notification popped up I was in the middle of something on my phone. There is always a good chance software can have some issues and I don't like presenting more opportunities than I need to.

I didn't pause or interrupt the update process, once it started to reboot after installation, .5 seconds later the blue screen popped up with the error message.

I have no idea what the battery level was to be honest, I had been on an intense conversation for 2 1/2 hours, I hung up and went to go call his mom and it was already automatically restarting - I had been telling it no I didn't expect it to be installed at that time. (Unfortunately I was not able to control the power level)

The Device is the Galaxy Note 8 - I am not sure exactly which update, I started receiving push notifications a few days ago.