Forced to enter passcode to access Samsung Note 5

Recently, my Samsung Note 5 just automatically turned off and then turned back on.  When it came back on, I found out (after calling Verizon) that the phone automatically did a factory reset.  All my contacts and photos were gone.  Apps were missing, plus numerous other changes.  Everyday I discover something missing, turned off, or just different.

The one problem that’s driving me a little crazy right now is the fact that the phone is now requiring me to enter a passcode to access my phone. I’m disabled, so my phone sits by my bedside about 98% of the time.  So I don’t need any special security on my phone. Having to add a code every time I pick up my phone is driving me just a little bit crazy.

ive tried to change all the obvious security settings, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. It doesn’t change it or turn it off.

Anyone have any ideas about how I can turn it off?

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If you have installed any payment application or another application that requires a security pin to access the phone, you need to uninstall that application to remove the security restriction.

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sorry but it didn't automatically reset!! it did a re-set after x amount of attempts to login!!

settings/lock screen/ the top, enter pin to verify it's you & select no security!!