Forced upgrade

So after having 3 phones for over 2 years with no issues in service or signal they are all finally paid off.

That's when the problems began we use to get full signal inside/outside the house and now that they are paid off we get one bar inside and 2 bars outside. 

Every time i call verizon customer service (they stink) we go threw the same problem fixing ****  and they want me to buy a tower for close to $300 and put in my house (not going to happen) because they said it is network congestion. 

So we upgraded one phone and now the new phone has full bars again inside and out and the other 2 service still is **** 

Verizon forces you to upgrade to keep on the towers that are not congested to use the phone you paid for.

You have to put in a ticket to speak with a manager that may or may not call you back in 48 hours.

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Re: Forced upgrade
Customer Service Rep

Good day!  I had the opportunity to read your thread. I'm sorry to hear about your experience and would like to help if the matter isn't resolved, please send me a Private Message for account-specific help.