Ford Sync and Galaxy S6
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I'm sure I'm not the only one that this affects, but if you have an S6 like me and are having issues with it working with Ford Sync, sadly you cannot. It will sync up to Ford Sync via bluetooth and you can do phone calls (albeit with a few issues) along with text message notification, but that seems to be the extent of it

I had an S4 that worked without a problem with my 2014 Fusion, but when I upgraded, the problems began. You cannot use mobile applications with the S6. Sync will see mobile apps on your phone (mine see Amazon Music, Pandora and Slacker Radio) but you cannot choose. You can hit the OK button on the radio over and over but it will not work with the app, as well as when you use voice the sync system just takes you back to the phone menu. In addition, the fix that the Ford dealer told me to use, going through the BT connection when you choose 'Media' on the radio, it will play the music (whether it be via Pandora or music you have on your phone) for 30 secs then it will pause the music.

My Ford dealer has blamed Samsung (they even threw blame towards Apple also for sync having issues with the iPhone 6) and that they have failed to provide updates to Ford to allow them to work. I can't even find that the Galaxy S6 or even the S5, is compatible according to Ford.

I've tried to talk to Ford directly but cannot get a response for them. I bought my car based on the ability to use Pandora and other mobile applications but not almost a year later that functionality is no longer there. Obviously not Verizon's fault but if you have experienced issues with Sync and the S6 (or even S5), this is pretty much why.

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Thank you for the info. I have been racking my brain trying to get Fordpass to work on my 2017 F-350 with my S6. Very disappointed with Ford.

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