Front Facing Camera Filter Issue

I've noticed that while using the full screen camera option on the front facing camera a blue vignette filter appears. It changes colors depending on direction or I suppose where your face is. If I'm close enough it doesn't appear but while using apps like Facebook Messenger for video calls or Snapchat, etc,  it limits my field of view of myself and my friends and family also see this distracting filter that ends up only showing a small circle of my face and the rest being surrounded by the blue foggy filter. Any ideas how to turn it off?  It only seems to be in full screen ratio for right now and I did go in to turn the beauty effect off and check for any applied filters but there are none. Very frustrating. 

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Re: Front Facing Camera Filter Issue
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Having a good working device is important, and we are here to assist you. Please meet us in a Private Note for assistance.AlbertP_VZW