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Froyo fail :(


I really wanted to love the update, but some of the changes suck.

 1. My camera doesn't work anymore (I've tried all the tips on here, except reset) and I must use another camera app to take  pictures.

 2. Battery life does seem weaker, but it was never that great to begin with. I'm going to drain it tonight and hope that helps.

 3. I hate how the volume key no longer goes from high>low>vibrate>silent. That was such an amazing feature that I truly miss.  There are definitely times where I want one or the other and it was very convenient beforehand. 

 4. The daily briefing news section always jumps back to the top of the list when I'm trying to scroll down, though I do like the  addition of the different types of articles. I also miss the graph for the stocks.

 5. My phone randomly does a "screen capture" whenever I hit the lock button.

 6. It takes longer to turn on.

 7. The ".com" keyboard button is replaced by a "tab" like button... I'm still iffy on this one, but I can get used to it.

 8. I love the addition of the google search bar! 

 9. The longer vibrate is annoying.

10. It just seems to run slower and is less responsive.


Feel free to add other random things that bother you about the update. This was less about getting advice on how to fix any of these issues (though that would be appreciated) and more about venting.

Re: Froyo fail :(

I totally understand where you're coming from :smileysad:.  I'm not happy with the update either. Here's some problems i have had:


*1. The battery drains faster

* 2. The volume up/down button only goes from high to low to vibrate.  Like you said, there's no "silent" option :smileysad:

*3. There are no stock graphs

*4. The vibration is really long - i always think i'm getting a call when it's only a text -.-

*5. It's performance IS slower overall


These are all problems you had mentioned. I haven't found any other problems, luckily. (My camera still works fine -so far. I hope that doesn't fail next!)  I wonder if they'll fix these problems in the NEXT update.... =(