Full Bars plus 4G but not working

I got a Galaxy S9 about 2 years ago and have had  issues most of the time. I took it into the store at first and they changed a setting which worked for a few months but had issues after that.

The problem: 

I have full bars, 4G symbol lit up, but nothing! I cant stram audio without it constantly breaking up, I cant use maps without it constantly resetting. I dont use that much data, compared to my wife. Anytime we are out together, we need to use her phone for everything. She has the same plan/account as I do and uses data 24/7 for work but never has these issues. I have a phone that 90% of the time, unless connected to wifi, is useless. 

I took it to the store today and got the great advice of resetting it. It didnt work at all. Still having the same issues and extremely frustrated.

Any help here?


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Re: Full Bars plus 4G but not working
Customer Service Rep

michael1985, Having a properly working phone is key to enjoying your services with us. We regret to learn of those data connection issues and can definitely assist with that matter. We just need some additional details. Have you tried a new 4G SIM Card to see if that would remedy the issue? What type of reset was performed:  a reset of the network settings (device antennas/radios) or a complete factory data reset?