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GPS, Speakerphone and external speaker as music player questions

I'd like to hear comments about the GPS, speakerphone quality and external speaker when playing music.  Coming from a Droid 1 and my concerns are I read online that GPS doesn't work.  Also read poor review of the speakerphone.  Listening to Pandora or MP3s using the external speaker on my D1 was something i really enjoyed.  How is external stereo speaker on this phone.  Please, I'd love to hear reviews.


Thanks, drjable

Re: GPS, Speakerphone and external speaker as music player questions
Sr. Member

From one of my posts elsewhere regarding the gps.


"Bought the Fascinate Friday and gave the GPS and Google Nav a thorough test on Saturday driving over 400 miles and 8 hrs. What I noticed is that the Fascinate is much slower to lock on than the Droid I had previously. I drove for about 5 min with it saying "Searching for GPS" before it ever locked on and started routing me to my destination. I got the audible "GPS signal lost" briefly on the way back but only for 15 seconds or so. I hit a couple pockets where I lost verizon signal all together but gps and google nav still tracked me. However, I do think the GPS issues have been blown a little out of proportion and it should be fine for the average person. If you want instantaneous gps lock on a regular basis, then the Fascinate probably isn't for you but for all others, it will be more than enough."



The speaker is loud and clear.  I streamed iheartradio on the way to work today and it sounded fine.  I also came from the Droid 1 and don't think it's quite as loud as the Droid but the quality is just as good.

Re: GPS, Speakerphone and external speaker as music player questions

Okay, here's the scoop, I just bought this phone and recieved it today. I personally have had no problem with the gps, and it takes the same amount of time to find me as my boyfriends blackberry storm. it's fast, and accurate, had no problem while using it driving home this evening. The speaker on the outside, sucks!!! but i've yet to have a phone with a great outside speaker. As long as you don't have the volume cranked on high, you're okay, keeping the outside speaker volume at around half worked for me, after that, it just crackled and cut out.