GPS keeps crashing

I don't know if my issue is a data connection issue or what, but, I use my GPS constantly during the summer months when my husband and I travel.  I used the GPS and Cardio Trainer (which uses GPS to track your workout) on my Droid X without any problem and we travelled to far out places without any problem with the GPS for directions or on Cardio Trainer.  With my GS3 it constantly crashes on me.  Here we are late at night with nowhere to ask for directions and my GPS is constantly crashing.  It even happens on Interstate 71 when we were getting ready to get off and there was a detour.  It would have been a whole lot easier if I didn't have to keep restarting the GPS to see how the detour affected our route.  I loved this phone until we started travelling again and this started happening.  I HATE it with a passion now.  Is anyone else having this problem.  I called Verizon and they were backed up on their queue and were going to call me back, and never did, to try out some stuff.  But, it sounded like they had no idea what the problem was.  I CAN'T be the only one having this problem.  I asked two guys I work with if they have the problem but they don't really use the GPS on their GS3's.  I also tend to lose my internet connection too.  Is this all connected?  Verizon, it would be nice if someone could figure out what the problem is before I go away again in 10 days.  I actually had to pull out a paper map.  Good thing I had one in a cabinet in my RV.  I am beginning to think this phone is a bunch of garbage and not anything like it was hyped up to be.  Why sell a phone that doesn't work like it is intended?