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GPS runs down battery while plugged into car charger



I have a Fascinate with the 2.2.1 and the Samsung car charger.  When I run Google Navigation or Bing Map while the phone is plugged into the car charger, the phone battery drains and does not charge until I exit navigation.  If I walk out to the car with a full battery and plug it in, the icon will indicate charging while I am driving to my destination but when I arrive and unplug the phone after about an hour's drive time, the battery immediately shows red and the phone shuts itself off.  The phone will charge normally when plugged into the car charger but only if navigation is turned off.


I don't know if it does this also with the VZW navigation app, I don't use it.


There are no other apps running other than the pre-installed bloatware. Wifi and Bluetooth are turned off.


The phone does this with two different Samsung chargers and also a generic charger.  There is only about 6 months on the battery.  It did the same thing before the last system update (I first thought I had a bad charger, which is how I ended up with two).


Anyone else?

Re: GPS runs down battery while plugged into car charger

You are not alone!

I have noticed this problem, but for me it is clearly sometimes much worse than other times. I have had my Fascinate since the first week it was released and only began having this issue over the past 3 months or so. First time it happened I thought I didn't have the charger plugged in all the way or something because usually even while using Google maps/navigate it would charge a at least a some over a 2 hour drive. Then one time it shut off after about an hour because it had drained the battery even while it was plugged into the charger! (And this time I started with a fully charged battery, and made sure the phone was well connected and charging before I opened Google Map)

Sorry, I have no answers for you, just that you are not alone. It does usually work for me now without draining the battery, but if I notice the phone heating up I unplug it, shut it down and start over.


Good Luck!

Re: GPS runs down battery while plugged into car charger
Verizon Employee

Hi Andynator,


Thank you for your posting, it includes some great information. I can assist you with the issue you are having. I would like to ask if you find that this happens only when running maps and using the car charger? 


I have checked my references here and I am not showing that this is a known issue with the Fascinate. Since you mentioned that this was occurring before the update and is still occurring after the update, this tells me that the root cause of the issue may be with the device itself. 


You may very well have already called in, since posting your message. However, if you have not and are still having the issue, please feel free to send me a PM with your contact information, as well as the mobile number. I will be more than happy to contact you personally in order to troubleshoot and address the issue further for you. 


Thank you again for your posting and have a good day!