Galaxy 8S + free visual voicemail

I have spent several hours online and on chat with Verizon (which was TERRIBLE) literally a waste of over 1 hour. I have visual voicemail 11.0.15 on my old Galaxy S8 (note not S8 +). It did not transfer to my new phone.

Calling from my key pad dialing 1 or 86 is a huge waste of time listening to all the info etc.

I need to see all my messages length date etc on my screen so I can pick and play each one, forward them etc. NO ONE at Verizon can help me.

Note online chat on website (here) is no working. I requested a call and they said 8 minutes - 40 minutes ago, no call. Chat on my phone was terrible. Person did not listen to me and had no idea what to do and told me the wrong thing dozens of times.  After over an hour of getting nowhere I stopped responding for 5 minutes and they disconnected.  They waster 1 hour of my time and then cut me off after 5 minutes - and survey option to rate my experiance did not work!


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Re: Galaxy 8S + free visual voicemail
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As a valued customer, your service concerns are our concerns too. Congrats on getting your new phone. However, we're sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems accessing the Visual Voicemail feature on your new phone, and we apologize for your inconvenience. We appreciate the troubleshooting you've completed with our Chat Team and we're here to help you in any way we can. Since we will need account-specific details from you, we’ll need your permission to gain access. Please check your Inbox as we’ve sent a Private Message to you regarding on this topic:



Re: Galaxy 8S + free visual voicemail

just checking but did you setup vvm on the new phone?


fwiw: i had to setup vvm on both s8+ & s10+ to messages may still be there.