Galaxy A42 won't do wifi calling

Wifi calling is enabled, the E911 address is entered.  I'm on my home's wifi network, however the A42 constantly tries to route calls through the normal cell service.  But I have very poor reception in my home so calls are dropped.  How do I force the A42 to always call over wifi while on a wifi network?


The only reason I bought a phone through Verizon, rather than an unlocked phone, was to be able to make wifi calls.  

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Re: Galaxy A42 won't do wifi calling
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@noname427 ,

It's great to know that Wi-Fi Calling was the only reason you wanted to get this phone. When it comes to calls using Wi-Fi or mobile connections, that really depends on what is being picked up as the stronger connection. Turning off that mobile connection would force the phone to use Wi-Fi only, so turn Airplane Mode ON so that you do not have that competition. Your phone should show a special icon when using Wi-Fi Calling, as explained here:  -Russell