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Galaxy Nexus - Google Voice Verification Error

I'm a long time Google Voice user, first time I'm having issue verifying a device and this one is the Galaxy Nexus! Google Voice works (sms) on my Galaxy Nexus however calls to my Google Voice number do not ring on my Galaxy Nexus.


From the computer I tried to verify the Galaxy Nexus but it never rings when called with GVoice number. Only the Verizon number rings.  I've tried uninstalling Google Voice on GN and verify from computer first but it doesn't work.  What I have noticed is from Gvoice on the computer it automatically assumes my GN is a "Gizmo" vs. a "mobile" even when I change change it to mobile it doesn't give me the option to select carrier and when I try to "verify now" it changes it back to "gizmo" (I think this is the issue).


This is especially frustrating because I set up a friends Galaxy Nexus and it worked fine.  The only difference was on the other Galaxy Nexus we didn't install GV on the mobile first.  First we setup the call forwarding on GV from the computer first.


Other Attempted Solutions:

Temporary call forwarding - This didn't work.  I dialed from the number and had it added to temporary call forwarding. But when I tried calling my GV number the mobile  (Verizon Galaxy Nexus) never rang.  I also checked on GV on the computer and the phone shows up again as a "gizmo" and says it must be verified, when I click "verify now" it keeps trying to connect but my mobile never rings. 


Use Different Computers and Internet providers and mobile on different towers - This didn't work.  


Call Screening was always set to OFF - This didn't work.  


Please Help ASAP this is EXTREMELY frustrating!