Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Wont Download Update 25

10/05 I was notified I had a software update, Security Update #25.  It states the following:

Release date: 10/05/2021
Android™ Security Patch Level: September 2021
Software Version: RP1A.200720.012.N976VVRU7FUHA

I tell it to download now and the bar just sits there for about 5 minutes not doing anything.  It will eventually error out telling me the following: "Sorry, we werent able to download this update. Check your network connection or connect to a charger and try again. To download this update in the future, go to Settings>Software Update."

I have cleared the cache, reset network settings, reset user settings, I have tried three different wifi settings, tried only on 4g LTE and nothing.  It will not download the update.  I have connected to smart switch which tells me my phone is up to date running update 24 Release date: 08/31/2021
Android Security Patch Level: August 2021, Software Version: RP1A.200720.012.N976VVRU7FUH3

Anyone, SAMSUNG, any ideas why your product wont update?

I contacted Samsung on 10/12/2021 and got no where.  

I have called Verizon and spoken to second level support who asked me to reach out to Samsung for a resolution. I spoke to Samsung today, which was a total waste of my time. The person on the phone couldn't do anything other than ask me to reach to a service center for help. As I tried to explain all that has been done to test the issue, including using Smart Switch on my computer to try and update that way and how it tells me that the August 2021, Software Version: RP1A.200720.012.N976VVRU7FUH3 is the most current software which we know as it clearly is not, he tells me to reach out Microsoft.  This point I am more than irritated for wasting my time and I asked what does Microsoft have to do with Samsung Phone software and its patching and updating? I explained that smart switch is a Samsung product, talking/networking to Samsung Servers and it has nothing to do with Microsoft.  So at this point, Verizon has been spoken to, Samsung, and no one has been any help or even tried to have engineering look into the issue.  


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Re: Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Wont Download Update 25
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seems you weren't all that well taken care of. 

You may have to take it to an authorized service center to have it flashed with the new software version. In such case, you'll want to backup the phone as thoroughly as you can (use samsung pass to save passwords and such, use either Google Drive or something to backup all the rest of phone data).

If there is either UBreakIFix or BatteriesPlus. visit one and have it flashed... it'll reset the phone tho, which is why I said to backup the phone.

Re: Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Wont Download Update 25
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Every which way looks to have been tried, including smart switch.

I know we might be relitigating some questions that have been asked, but what happens when placing the device in Safe Mode and attempting the install?