Galaxy Note 3 Worst Service EVER

When we moved to Verizon cell phones (Galaxy Note 3) we saw improved cell service over our previous carrier. This was the primary reason the change was made. Now, after about 18 months, our service would be better if we used two tin cans tied together with string!! At best, we get minimal 3G, like one bar. Normal has now gotten to be 1X service with almost no bars!! To say the least, this SUCKS! We live in a rural area and depend on our phones for weather warnings and want to just enjoy being able to keep track of happenings via phone. When you can't even read a news feed due to no service, it defeats the whole purpose of having the phones! What is strange, we also have a Verizon WiFi hotspot that I have used for several years for our internet and it constantly has 4G signal! However, even that service has seen some decrease in dependability lately.

What gives Verizon??? We have 6 months left on our contract and, with the way our service has gone into the toilet, looks like we will be forced to return to our previous carrier soon. Is this a problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note's ability to find and grab a signal? Someone tell me if there is any hope or are we just destined to go back to the competition! Please!

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Being able to use phones for things like weather warnings is important. I rely on my phone for things like that too. I am so sorry to learn that your service has decreased. If anything it should be increasing. Let's find out more information. What is your zip code? When did this start happening?


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Re: Galaxy Note 3 Worst Service EVER

The service level started going downhill within a few months of us

switching to Verizon for our cell phones. The MiFi, though still showing it

was receiving 4G, has in the last couple of months started slowing down. I

can live with the MiFi, but the cell phone situation is totally

unacceptable and will have to be corrected or we will move to another

carrier. You asked about zip code, we are in 39192. According to the

Verizon coverage area map, we should have no problem getting 4G service.

But, we have also experienced totally unacceptable service in both Albany,

Georgia (zip 31707) and in Washington, DC at our daughter's apartment!

I hope this is something that can be corrected, but will not hesitate to

either go back to AT&T or another carrier if it cannot. If this is a

problem with the equipment we purchased from Verizon, I would expect to

have some sort of resolution to bad equipment made available to us. Our

monthly outlay for this type of poor service is ridiculous!

Thank you


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I also have had increasingly poor signal on my Note 3. It started last year when Verizon switched from LTE to XLTE. Which involved a move in frequency to a higher frequency. I went through all of the suggested fixes including changing equipment. Over the winter it seemed to get slightly better, but now that the weather has warmed up it has gone back to where I can barely get a signal at my work of at home. Frequent dropped calls and no data speed. I pay entirely too much per month for this to be acceptable. I am not sure what if any fix there is. Most of the information I have read seems to indicate that it is a combination of problems a weak radio/antenna in the samsung equipment and the higher frequency Verizon switched to, which needs more power to transmit and receive on.

Re: Galaxy Note 3 Worst Service EVER

So, that sounds like Verizon has more or less changed their offering to

something that the equipment they sold us can no longer work with. I think

it is time to pass this by our Public Service Commissioner then maybe get a

legal opinion. I have been frustrated long enough! If I have no recourse, I

guess I can tell Verizon good bye in a few months!

It also doesn't sit well that someone from Verizon was quick to respond to

my original post but has yet to respond after I suggested to them that what

I had was totally unacceptable!

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