Galaxy Note 8 free hotspot not working

I purchased a Galaxy Note because there was a feature of the Note, that allowed it to use regular "data" for the hotspot feature.  

For the past 15+ years, I have been using this without issue and it has been great.  

In late May (the 24th I think) when the new "mandatory system update" was applied, my "hotspot" does not work, and I get the generic error message "you must scribe to the mobile hotspot service".

How can I remove the most recent "system update" and/or get my free hotspot to work as it has for more than 15+ years.

I have restarted my phone, turned it off and on, I have followed the suggestion from a previous post to select "settings/general management/reset/reset network settings/reset", etc.

I then turned off the phone and back on to test.  No change.

I use (or did) my hotspot at home, and not I am without internet.

Please help

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Re: Galaxy Note 8 free hotspot not working
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Are you subscribed to mobile Hotspot?  If so and it's not working call Verizon to see what's going on.

Re: Galaxy Note 8 free hotspot not working
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The Note does not have a "free hotspot". All phones in the past several years have the ability for hotspot. The hotspot itself is based off what plan you have.

If you had hotspot before and an update removed it, you either have a plan that wasn't supposed to have it or the feature itself on Verizon's end somehow got disabled. Either way, you're going to need to call in if your plan isn't Start Unlimited.

Re: Galaxy Note 8 free hotspot not working
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GNF2021, hello! Help has arrived. Having mobile hotspot on your cell phone is always a great feature to have on the device. We can always check to make sure that your account is provisioned correctly for Mobile Hotspot. I sent you a Private Note. Please respond back to that message. -KevinR_VZW