Galaxy S10 Call Quality - crackling & static

I upgraded an S7 to an S10 due to S7 battery unable to retain charge. 

This was Black Friday deal in 2019.

Six weeks later, the phone started with static, crackling, and dropped calls although no change in signal strength or anything else. No change in apps, etc.

Hours of research only pointed to a hard reset that again took hours to figure out how to do this and I had to pay for Verizon Cloud.

Two weeks after my hard reset (meaning yesterday 9 Apr 2020), the phone would not answer 2 calls from my husband with one call going to voicemail.

Today, it developed severe crackling, static, people unable to hear me,

Either this is a software issue (I think there was an update yesterday morning) OR a crummy phone. My husband keeps saying 'get an iPhone', but I just spent hundreds of $$ on this garbage.


Any other suggestions??

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Re: Galaxy S10 Call Quality - crackling & static
Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to make sure your phone is working properly, rafiqa. Are you only having issues with answering calls from your husband? Is there any physical or water damage to your Galaxy S10? Do you have a screen protector on it?