Galaxy S10+ Message+ text messages staying as sending
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My Galaxy S8 was doing the same thing.  Was due for an upgrade and got a brand new S10+. Message+ app saying messages are sending and they actually send sometimes and other times don't.  I have messages that all pop in at once also.  I am also getting disconnects during conversations on Wireless everywhere I go.  Please help.  Called Verizon customer service they text messaged me and said I wasn't set up for texting.  Still happening.  Ugh.. driving me crazy!!!

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Re: Galaxy S10+ Message+ text messages staying as sending
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As a valued customer, your service concerns are our concerns too. We see you have several issues affecting your service so let's work together to address and resolve them all. Congrats on getting your new Samsung S10+ Smartphone! It's a fantastic device! We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the Verizon Message+ app displaying that you've sent text messages (From your mobile phone) but some of those text messages haven't been sent. We've also noted your statement "I have messages that all pop in at once also" and that you've contacted our Customer Service team and was advised (Via a text message sent to you) that you weren't set up for texting. Can you provide more information about this? We want to ensure that we're on the right path to assist you with this matter, as you've stated you received a text message from our Customer Service team. Are you using another text messaging app instead of the Verizon Messages + app? Are you able to receive text messages from others? How long has this been happening? We've also noted your reference to experiencing disconnected calls during conversations with your mobile device everywhere you go. This is certainly not the experience we want for you and we apologize for your inconvenience. How long have you been experiencing issues with disconnected calls? Is this happening while you're indoors, outdoors, or both? Have there been any recent changes with your device? (e.g. software update, new apps downloaded, etc.)- RobertC_VZW