Galaxy S10 falling back to 3g?

I have an unlocked Galaxy S10+ purchased as a pre-order. Service/coverage/performance was great until about 6 weeks ago when data connections started falling back to 3g (coincidently right about the time the first 5g devices were launching?). Never had this problem with the S7/S8+/S9+ which preceeded this device and did not have the problem during the first months of ownership. I've tried both Global and LTE/CDMA mobile settings as well as roaming on/off with no difference. Have also reset the network settings and no improvement.

Ran the MyVerizon device diagnostics and it tells me "Your phone could be on a better network". No matter what network settings i choose it consistently reports that - hopefully it's not telling me to jump carriers!!

Any thoughts on what else to try?

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Re: Galaxy S10 falling back to 3g?

whether 3 or 4g, the best you'll see out of the network is 5-12mbps & can be slower.

what are your download/upload speeds?