Galaxy S21 Ultra randomly stops accepting calls and texts until I toggle airplane mode
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I upgraded to an S21 Ultra a few months ago.  I've been dealing with a problem that seems to be getting worse.  Namely, I will suddenly stop being able to receive calls or texts.  Usually my wife will tell me she tried calling me but it went straight to voicemail. 

If I toggle airplane mode off and on, this fixes the issue and I often times then get a bunch of texts and notifications come through at once.  I've tried turning wi-fi off and on, or turning off wi-fi calling but this doesn't seem to help.  Only toggling airplane mode off and on has been a sure fix.  It is almost like my phone's registration on the cell network gets messed up.  Whatever is going on, this is the first phone I've ever owned with such a major problem.  Many of us rely on a phone's basic function (making and receiving calls) to work solidly 100% of the time, especially in cases of emergencies!

Any helps or suggestion would be appreciated, thanks!  Happy New Year!

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