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My wife and I recently switched to unlocked Galaxy S21 phones. I  moved our Sim cards over, and her phone has complete access to calls and data. Mine, however, can only make calls and receive texts. My mobile data is not functioning. Any thoughts as to why this would be? 

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We deeply apologize that your data access on your phone is not working, Jsyd928. We are here to help.


We do want you to be aware that this is a common issue when using a non-Verizon phone. This commonly happens because the phones do not have our default internet services installed into the phone, and the activation process of the phone may not have allowed that install. 


Please go the Settings of your phone and then select Connections, then tap on Mobile Networks, then tap Access Point Names (APN). We want to make sure that the phone show Verizon Internet. If it does not, then please tap add. 


Our APN should show as VZWINTERNET




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these types of issues are often carrier related, but in the case that it's not... you could try submitting an issue report to Samsung Members app. The app will collect the necessary logs and see if the device is behaving faulty.