Galaxy S21

Having trouble with constantly getting bumped off internet / offline while using phone.  Very aggrravating when working,  and have to stop what I'm doing on internet/ online, and restart my phone.  Majority of the time, restarting phone is necessary 4 or 5 times to get back online  / internet.  Replying to work email,  and phone constantly bumps off internet.  Also having trouble with dropped calls.  Phone rings and doesn't show anything on screen.  Hit talk to try to answer,  even though nothing is showing on screen,  and it doesn't work.  Been to local Verizon store 2 times and a different one as well. Factory reset done multiple times as well as new Sim card. Phone is still doing same thing.  

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Re: Galaxy S21
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 Thanks for contacting us on Social Media. We always want to make sure you have the best connection on America's Largest network. Of course, the connection/speeds may vary. Please follow and DM for any help with service. We are here for you 24/7!