Galaxy S4 Call Trouble

I'm having trouble that I can't seem to find a solution for.

I have a 16GB Galaxy S4, specifically model "SCH-I545".

Earlier today, I began to experience difficulty in making outgoing calls, and later learned that I also couldn't receive calls.  When I attempt to make a call, the "call" screen will appear, with the animated phone icon and the message "Dialing..."  But the phone will continue to show this for about 10 seconds before hanging up of its own accord.  When a friend attempted to call at my request (via text message), I was told the call went to voicemail.  My phone did not show any indication of a received call; no display onscreen, no ringing.

Text and 4G still seem to work without problem.

I have tried searching the internet for the problem and a solution, but most search results are different from my particular problem, or offer no solution.

Thus far I've tried restarting twice, shutting down for 9-10 minutes, removing the sim card, and manual restarted (holding power button for 10 seconds).  Nothing seems to have helped.  I'll be visiting the local Verizon store tomorrow for help, but in the meantime I'm hoping I can get this fixed beforehand.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Galaxy S4 Call Trouble
Customer Service Rep


We absolutely apologize for this inconvenience and we thank you for taking a few steps to help remedy this situation. Since that did not appear to resolve this concern, we will gladly take a closer look.

One other thing I would try is to disable call forwarding on the device which could have been accidentally set up. You may do so by dialing *73 (send) from the mobile device. You will hear two confirmation beeps letting you know when complete. What zip code are you located in? What error message if any do you get when dialing #832 (send) from your phone?


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Re: Galaxy S4 Call Trouble

I have same ? When you dial 832# the phone appears to be dialing but then never generates a ring and closes tha call after about 10 seconds.